ORTHOPAC® RVMC-15 :Modular Straightening and Process control system.The weft straightener Orthopac with integrated web distortion detection forms the basis of the modular design. Additional intelligent sensors can be connected to the control system via a bus connection.

The following process parameters can be measured, visualized, controlled and documented by means of special software packages (Print Server).

- Weft thread or course skew / skew and bow rollers of the straightener Orthopac RVMC
- High moisture / squeezing pressure
- Thread or course density / over-feed
- Exhaust moisture / fan speed / flap opening
- Surface temperature / product web speed and dwell time
- Surface weight / over-feed
- Residual moisture / product web speed
- Stretch and shrinkage / over-feed
- Product width
OPTIPAC ® VMC-15 : Modular Process Control system - PERMASET VMT (DWELL TIME CONTROL) Reliable dwell time control is indispensable for maximum economy of production and maximum product quality. Permaset VMT makes a key contribution to this end.

- FAMACONT PMC (WEFT THREAD AND COURSE DENSITY CONTROL) Continuous exact scanning of the weft thread or course density is an important factor for quality optimisation when fi nishing textile products.

- TEXTOMETER RMS (RESIDUAL MOISTURE CONTROL) Economic drying means optimising the energy consumption and uniformity of the residual moisture to a target variable through permanent measuring of moisture and control of the drying process.

- ECOMAT AML (EXHUST AIR MOISTURE CONTROL) Much unused energy is wasted through the exhaust air during drying processes without appropriate control. The Ecomat AML adapts the heating energy to the actual demand by monitoring the vapour content of the exhaust air and controls this factor through the fan speed or the exhaust air vent control.
ECOPAC EMC-15: Control system for drying process (This modular system guarantees a quality product and optimization of the energy balance)
TEXTOMETER DMB: Portable Moisture Meter and Temperature Gauge.
ATMOSET SMT-15: Optimising the heat output of drum dryers depending on the product.
ATMOSET SMT-15: Optimising the heat output of drum dryers depending on the product.