IMPOTEXimpoTEX fabric marking system-the innovative and yet simple solution - No more…. Marking of fabric rolls with a dye-resistant paint tube
- No more…. Entering of piece number and weight into a separate article sheet
- No more…. Transferring of data from the article sheets to a factory data collection system
- No more…. Figuring out illegible, handwritten or incorrect labels.

The impoTEX fabric marking system offers an innovative and yet easy to handle solution for marking all kinds of textile raw materials regardless of whether the raw material was produce from natural or synthetic yarns or whether the material to be marked was produced on a weaving- circular- or warp knitting machine or whether nonwovens need to be marked.

impoTEX labels can be sealed onto all kind of textile raw materials thus offering the perfect solution for whatever marking job you might have to perform. Printed with the impoTEX ribbon our labels and the imprint remain resistant against all kinds of dyes and auxiliary agents that are used in pre-treatment, dyeing and after treatment processes.