All dyeing illustrated in this shade card were dyed according following conditions: Material:
100% cotton, knit wear, scoured at the boil & bleached

Dyeing Method :
Exhaust dyeing(60 °C)

Dyeing Recipe:
1% / 3%IMCOZIN KX dye (pre-solved)
0.5 ml/lWetanol OS (wetting agent)
0.5 ml/lKomplexon OSD liq. (sequestering agent)
60 / 80 g/lGlauber’s salt
5 g/lsoda ash*
0.5 /2 ml/lcaustic soda 32,5%*

* dosed addition of alkali 15 min. after reaching of dyeing temperature.

Liquor Ratio:1 : 15
Dyeing Temp.:60 °C
Dyeing Time:60 min

Subsequent cleaning:
- cold and warm rinsing
- washing out at the boil for 20 minutes with 1-2 ml/l Komplexon OSD liq.
- warm and cold rinsing

Abbreviations to the fastness tables:

Fchange of shade+good dischargeability
Costaining on cotton0moderate dischargeability
Wostaining on wool-poor dischargeability
CVstaining on viscose
Additional information:
The presented colour-fastness data are based on our current knowledge and are corresponding to a defined standard depth of 2% each (except for light fastness data , which is based on 1%)