AIROAIRO®24High efficiency continuous open-width AIRO® tumble dryer for woven fabrics, denim, terry towel and velvets.

AIRO® 24: the new and original high-efficiency dryer for continuous and open-width tumbling treatments of woven, non woven and knitted fabrics. A high quality finishing style which has no equal in the world. The AIRO® style

Fabric moves at very high speed, suspended and transported by the air flow, in alternate directions... this is the heart of AIRO®24 treatment. The special grids placed in front of the channel openings allow the fabric to discharge the accumulated kinetic energy while it acquires body, volume, drape and better stability, getting rid of any excess of humidity at the same time
BRIOBRIO®Stabilizing dryer for knits, ideal for cotton, viscose and lighter weight fabrics.
BRIO24BRIO®24-Continuous, open-width high productivity BRIO® stabilizing dryer for knits.

The new BRIO®24 matches the patented technology of BRIO® with the production capacity and the convenience of a continuous open-width process, offering the production volume of an efficient tensionless drying, shrinking and relaxing machine together with stability levels that were once reachable only with drum tumblers

THE WORKING PRINCIPLE A conveyor belt at fabric inlet guides the fabric into the first section of BRIO®24, where it is pre-dryed to optimal humidity levels, after which the shrinking and drying stage begins, with a series of alternating passages between the vibrating trays and the special patented spreading and drying devices.

Inside the trays the fabric receives an homogeneously distributed relaxing and shrinking action, and then it passes through the spreading and drying devices where it is opened and repositioned exclusively by means of hot air flows which at the same time progressively dry it.

Each section of BRIO®24 has independent heating controls, allowing to set the optimal temperature in increasing steps throughout the process, and a laser detection system (patented) which – determining the amount of fabric inside each tray – automatically controls the accumulation and flow of fabric from each section to the following one.

The final stage consists in a cooling section, followed by a conveyor belt which brings the fabric without tension to the plaiting device.